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How to use Shape Concave and examples

This type has a concave (or V-groove) at the end.
Features a wider tip surface that contacts the land pattern, which provides excellent heat supply to solder joints and ensures sufficient solder flow-up.
It is recommended for soldering involving multi-layered boards and increased PWB patterns due to higher current

Insufficient flow-up/Successful flow-up

[ Have the following problems? Try the concave type of tip ! ]

  • Lead-free solder does not flow up enough
  • Using 2 soldering irons or a desoldering tool to provide enough heat to solder joint
  • Preheaters cannot be used
  • Work efficiency is reduced for automobile PWB which requires high heat capacity

There are 2 types, concave and V-groove. And you can select and use the one according to your preference for specific flute width, angle of contact, heat capacity determined by flute shape, as well as land size and lead diameter.

For improved solder flow-up

Concave type