Glue Gun / Sealer/Sealer

Heat Sealing (Heating element Type)


photo: HAKKO FV-801
  • Portable sealer that enables the sealing of up to 350 mm in length
  • Cutting mechanism is incorporated to cut off excessive end of bags after sealing
  • Capability is upgraded to seal aluminum-evaporated bags and gazette bags with a maximum thickness of 0.4 mm


photo: HAKKO FV-802
  • Compact portable sealer functioning both as adhesion heater and as cutting heater
  • Compact design makes it suitable not only for home use but also for business use


photo: HAKKO FV-803
  • Portable sealer that allows the sealing of aluminum-evaporated bags with a maximum seal width of 5mm
  • Changes of lamp colors indicate progress of work procedure, enabling any user to achieve neat a finish
  • The sealer enables users to seal sterilized bags with their film sides facing up, allowing them to keep eyes on the contents

HAKKO SEALER (310/311)

photo: HAKKO SEALER (310/311)
  • Desktop sealer with a seal width of 1.6mm and length of 350mm
  • Two types that are designed specially for adhesion purpose and cutting purpose respectively are available

Discontinued Products