Heating Machine / Heating Gun/Heating Gun



Available in:

  • Japan
  • Industrial hot air blower ideal for applications requiring high amounts of heat
  • Employs a motor that offers over three times higher the blowing speed than that of other HAKKO models
  • Incorporates a heater that can generate a maximum temperature of 500ºC
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Ideal for use in a variety of heating operations including drying paint, processing shrink films and shrink tubing, drying resin putty for sheet metal, repairing automobile urethane bumpers and applying long-length floor materials or vinyl moldings.
Powerful heating for a wide range of work.
Lightweight, ergonomic design for easier handing and simpler operation.

Hot air blower for industrial use

Max. temperature: 400°C No.883-13 1000W
Recommended for applications requiring high heat quantity
Utilizes a motor which provides the largest volume of blowing air among all HAKKO models

Drying of paints Perfect for drying paints locally
Color mixing for paints Drying of paints during color mixing (color matching)
Shrink film Heat shrinking of films
Shrink tubing Heat shrinking of electric wire covers
Putty Repair work using putty including repair of automotive bumpers
Interior decor Vinyl cloth, floor materials, flooring work
Plastic moldings Rubber products Bending, fitting and assembly of plastic products (heat plasticity)
PVC pipe Bending work
Stone Drying of stone after polishing, drying of surface-lustering agent, drying of paint finish, drying before rubber lining (printing of names, etc.)
Removal of labels  
Thermosetting resin Expediting setting
Defrosting Heating water pipes and machinery frozen in winter