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Soldering Pot/Soldering Pot


  • With parameter setting function that enables the optimal temperature setups for respective types of solders
  • Soldering pot coated by special long-life material, which is best suited for lead-free solder, is provided as a standard feature
  • Digital display ensures reliable temperature control and realizes precise temperature adjustment

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries

FX-301B contains long-life "specialy coated solder pot" as a standard feature.

Specially Coated Solder Pot (Durable type)

  • Anti-corrosion effect enables the pot last 5 times longer than the conventional one.(By our anti-corrosion test)
  • Be effective on both lead-free solder and solder with lead (eutectic).

Environmentally-friendly design

  • Heating element parted left and right enables to be replaced separately.
  • Enables to reduce the amount of solder usage and solder dross

Selectable heating program (Suitable for various kinds of solder)

  • Selectable heating programs allows to get optimum temperature quickly.

Parameter setting

Precise temperature control

  • The digital display ensures reliable temperature control, and offset function.

Thermal Recovery Time Compared With Conventional Model

Temperature comparison between HAKKO FX-301B and conventional model (HAKKO 96)

Parameter setting for solder

  • A timer function helps you keep tabs on how long the soldering pot has been in use, making it easy to judge the time for pot replacement.
  • The composition of the solder is shown as a guide. Select the composition which is the most closest to the solder to be used.

Sn-Pb Solder Sn-Ag-Cu Solder Sn-Cu Solder Sn Solder

Easy pot replacement

  • The pot can be easily replaced by just removing the screws. One unit can be used in various applications by changing pots for each solder type or by using pots of different sizes (50 × 50 square or 75 × 75 square).
  • For your safety, be sure to replace the pot after the solder completely cools.
Loosen the screw on both sides. Change the pots and tighten the screws
Loosen the screws on both sides.   Change the pot and tighten the screws.

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