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HAKKO FM-2023イメージ

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • EU
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries
  • Hot tweezers that enable easy removal of fine SMD chips and flat packages of up to 2mm in width
  • Composite-type design with a built-in heater facilitates the replacement of soldering tips
  • Used together with HAKKO FM-203 or HAKKO FM-206
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The small grip ensures to remove the smallest chips easily.
Can choose standard or reverse tweezer action by switch lever.
Direct heating prevents damage to neighboring components on high density board.
ESD safe by design
Setup example
An example of setup using HAKKO FM-203

 Combination examples
HAKKO FM-2023 can be operated with Soldering Station HAKKO FM-203.
- Also it can be operated with Soldering Station HAKKO FM-202(Discontinued).

HAKKO FM-203 enables 2-handpiece insertion and HAKKO FM-206 enables 3-handpiece insertion for various combinations.
For details, see the pages of HAKKO FM-203 and HAKKO FM-206.
HAKKO FM-203 and HAKKO FM-206 have the following combinations.

Setting sample of Mini Parallel Remover HAKKO FM-2023

*1 HAKKO FM-2024 needs a desoldering control box and compressor.
For details, visit HAKKO FM-2024.
*2 HAKKO FM-2026 needs N2 generator, N2 station, compressor, regulator, etc.
For details, visit HAKKO FM-2026.
*3 HAKKO FM-2027 can be purchased with HAKKO FM-203 as an original combination product, which offers an affordable price.
For details, visit HAKKO FM-203.

Setting sample of Parallel Remover HAKKO FM-2022
*1   HAKKO FM-2024 can only be used with either FM-206 receptacle 1 or 3.
*2   HAKKO FM-2026 requires one nitrogen gas generator and flow meter per soldering iron as well as a separate compressor and regulator. For details, see the page of HAKKO FM-2026.
*3   HAKKO FM-2029 can only be used with FM-206 receptacle 3. When using the internal pump, FM-2029 and FM-2024 cannot be used at the same time. Simultaneous use is possible by connecting FM-2029 to external air.