Solder Feeder/Solder Feed System


HAKKO 375イメージ

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • EU
  • Asia
  • Other Countries
  • Compact, space-saving automatic solder feeder
  • V-groove put on solder surface reduces the splash of solder and flux
  • Feeding amount of solder can be controlled by turning the switch ON/OFF
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Optimal for minimizing solder and flux splash
Solder feeding equipment with V-grooving function for superior cost performance
Minimize solder and flux splash
As shown below, when solder is cut with a V-groove it enables the release of gas pressure generated by the flux, thereby suppressing splash. However, because the V-groove exposes the flux to outside air the solder cannot be stored for a long period of time.
When using solder with the HAKKO 375, you can groove the solder that you require.
Minimize solder and flux splash
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Advantages of V-grooved solder
-Examination of solder/flux splash
Examination of solder/flux splash

Test criteria
Measurement methodMeasure the amount of solder and flux splashing after solder is fed to the soldering iron.
Temperature setting for soldering iron 350ºC and 400ºC
SolderLead-free (Sn-3Ag-0.5Cu)
Halogen-free flux
ø0.3 mm and ø1.0 mm
Solder feed length 50 mm

*The effect of solder and flux splashing prevention may differ under different operation conditions.

-Measurement graph of flux splash amount

*Click here to enlarge

*Click here to enlarge
Applicable solder dia.
ø0.3, ø0.5, ø0.6, ø0.8, ø1.0(mm)
Compact design


Can be applicable with the conventional solder reel stand.
(Can be applicable with the HAKKO 611)
-Application Examples
Can be applicable with the conventional solder reel stand.
Use an option switch to increase efficiency
Control the amount of solder that is fed using the ON/OFF switch. Use an option switch or hand switch to increase functionality even more.