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T12 Series Soldering Tips (Narrow-pitch Soldering Type (Shape S))

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T12 Series is available in Japan, Oceania, Asia & Other countries.
* In case of North America & EU, see “T15 Series“.

HAKKO Recommendations for Selection of Tip Size

T12 Series
* T12 series is available if long nipple is attached to Soldering Iron HAKKO 912.
  Please contact us at any time regarding the long nipple.
* Compatible with lead-free solder. For details, click here.

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Applicable Model

Shape I

This type has a thin conical end and is an ultrafine tip which is best suited for soldering at narrow pitches, etc.
It is the best for soldering micro components such as 0603, etc. and for repairing high-density-mounting P.W.Bs. such as in cellular phones, etc.
How to use the Shape I and examples

  • T12-ILS Shape-ILS
    T12-ILS Shape-ILS

Shape J

This type differs from Shape B and I by bending the tip end and is capable of soldering by applying the tip in 2 ways: face and point.
It is used for drag soldering and correction of bridging.
How to use the Shape J and examples

  • T12-JS02 Shape-0.2JS
    T12-JS02 Shape-0.2JS