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my pen α

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  • Japan
  • Multi-type electrothermal pen with temperature control function
  • Perfect for a variety of handicrafts including woodburning, leather craft, carving art and chasing
  • Easily converted to a soldering iron with optional pen tip
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Applications are not limited only to woodburning and bird carving.
Electric thermal pen that expands the range of handicrafts. Recommended also for leathercraft and lost-wax casting professionals.

Easy-to-use also for beginners

For woodburning

  • Woodburning is the art of drawing pictures and patterns on wood with an electric thermal pen.
Sample image  Cherry blossoms Making your own message card using a postcard-size piece of wood is a great first step into the world of woodburning craft.
Sample image  Animals

For carving art

  • Carving art is a handicraft in which a piece of wood is carved into the shape of an animal, and fur is added using an electric thermal pen. It is possible to create incredibly lifelike models. Birds and cats are popular models.
    What's more, purchasing the optional soldering pen tip assembly allows making legs for bird carvings.
Sample image  Cat
Cat carving
Why not try making a cute animal carving yourself?

Carve File Add fur to complete your own piece
Carve File Add fur to complete your own piece

For decorating and writing letters on leather and wood products

Wood products Add your own designs to commercially available wood products.
Commercially available wood products can be transformed into unique pieces
Leather products
Leather products It is possible to create such fine designs as these on leather products.
The "my pen α" with adjustable temperature control can be used to create shading as shown in this photo.

For lost-wax casting

  • The "my pen α" is a perfect tool for professionals of lost-wax casting which is essential for crafting silver accessories.
    It can be used for welding parts together, making patterns with melted wax, making holes, and other crafting works.
    *Working with blue wax is recommended.
    *Set the temperature to level 3 on the scale of 1 to 10 to obtain a temperature of around 100°C — the temperature that is required for lost-wax casting.
    *The "my pen" cannot be used for lost-wax casting.

Quickly transforms into a soldering iron by adding an optional soldering tip

  • Recommended for the electronic crafting required for radio-controlled models and model railways. In the past it was necessary to purchase a separate 'soldering iron' to make legs for bird carvings, but now all you need to buy is an optional soldering iron tip.
Type D pen tip assembly: T21-D16