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HAKKO FG-460イメージ

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  • Individual measurement
  • Evaluation external output
  • Simple, yet user-friendly
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Footwear Tester for Individual Measurement & Evaluation of Electrical Resistance

Simple, yet user-friendly

Very easy-to-use footwear tester. Information of measurement and evaluation of electrical resistance at a glance. Meet the criteria of standards such as JIS T 8103:2010 and ANSI/ESD S20.20.

Simple, yet user-friendly

Individual measurement

Measure the anti-static performance of shoes individually. Prevents faulty measurement with the divider on test plate.

JIS T 8103 : 2010

Evaluation external output

Evaluation results can be output through the external output terminal to interlock with other device, to open door, turn on signal, etc.

Evaluation external output
Evaluation external output

When PASS LED is lit

It indicates that the resistance of the anti-static shoes and the person wearing them is inside the set range.
The resistance range of the shoes at that time is indicated by the LED lamps, therefore the characteristics of the anti-static shoes can be checked.

When FAIL LED is lit

It indicates that the resistance of the anti-static shoes and the person wearing them is outside the set range.
Determine the cause and take actions including replacing the anti-static shoes, etc.

If the measured value is below the lower limit

Example) Soles are worn down.
A piece of metal is stuck in the sole.

If the measured value is above the upper limit

Example) Thick socks are worn.
Defective shoes, dirty soles, etc.

DIP switches for various settings

Upper and lower evaluation limits, evaluation buzzer, etc. can be made by setting the DIP switches.

DIP switches for various settings

Optional stand

Optional stand


Any impact on people with heart conditions, people using cardiac pacemakers or pregnant women?
A small amount of electric current will flow through the human body when using HAKKO FG-460.
Please do not use HAKKO FG-460 if having a heart condition or pacemaker.

Consult with a specialist if you are pregnant.