Tester / Meter/Thermometer / soldering tester


HAKKO FG-101イメージ

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • EU
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries
  • RoHS
  • Soldering iron tester useful for daily maintenance of station type soldering irons
  • Tip temperature, leak voltage and tip-to-ground resistance can be easily measured with high accuracy
  • MAX HOLD Function
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Packing List

Part No. Packing List
FG101 HAKKO FG-101,Fuse,Conduction Wire,Sensor (10 pcs/set),Multi-adapter,European Adapter,Ground Clip,Power cord,Instruction Manual

HAKKO FG-101 should be calibrated regularly as a Tester / Meter.
For details, please contact us or the distributors in your country.


Model No. FG-101
Power consumption 2.6W (100V), 2.9W (110V), 2.6W (120V), 2.7W (220V), 2.8W (230V), 3.0W (240V)
Temperature resolution 1ºC
Temperature measurement range 0 to 700ºC
Temperature precision ±3ºC (300 to 600ºC)
±5ºC (other than above)
Temperature sensor K (CA)type thermocouple
Voltage resolution 0.1mV
Voltage measurement range 0 to 40mV (AC)
Voltage precision ± (5% of reading + 1 digit)
Resistance resolution 0.1Ω
Resistance measurement range 0 to 40Ω
Resistance precision ± (5% of reading + 1 digit)
Display LCD : 3 1/2digits
Burnout : -1
MAX HOLD : 'MAX HOLD' is displayed at the lower right of the LCD.
Operating environment Ambient temperature/humidity range : 0 to 40ºC, 20 to 90%RH (without condensation)
Environmental conditions Applicable rated pollution degree 2 (According to IEC/UL 61010-1)
Dimensions 200(W)×50(H)×120(D)mm
Weight 1kg

* Weight (excludeing battery)
* Temperature sensor (No.191-212 or No.191-212C) can only be used ti measure temperatures below 500ºC. To measure higher temperatures, use an applicable temperature probe.
* When a sensor is not attached or it burns out,the alarm symbol of Burnout(-1) is displayed. The same symbol is also displayed when a temperature outside the measurement range is detected.