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HAKKO 251イメージ

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  • Japan
  • Easy-to-carry, battery-powered styrene foam cutter
  • User-friendly slim grip is easy to hold for everyone, even children
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Battery-powered cutter suitable for styrene foam, Styrofoam and Kanelite Foam

New DIY product
Prize-winning product in the Hit Product Competition
Styrene foam and hard Styrene foam (Styrofoam and Kanelite Foam) can be easily cut
*When cutting hard styrene foam, cut it slowly since it is high-density foam and hard.
*When cutting performance becomes low, the batteries are exhausted.
Slim grip improves work efficiency
Safety mechanism turns the heater on only while the power switch is being pressed
For detailed characteristics,click here(PDF:1.5MB)

*Styrene foam, Styrofoam and Kanelite Foam are registered trade names. All of them are foamed polystyrene, which is a kind of the resinoid.

Cuttable dimensions
Cuttable dimensions

Vertical cutting is enabled by using the flat top surface of the battery box.
How to use the cutter

· Three-dimensional handicrafts, cutout characters and figures using styrene foam
· Decorations (cutout characters) for school festivals, athletic meetings and other events and presentations
· Decorations and POP production for retail shops (CD shop, bookstore, cosmetic/drug store, etc.)
· School educational materials and sculptures made of styrene foam
· Various hobbies such as making dioramas
· Very complicated shape with curves can be cut out as shown below.
Cutting along complicated curved lines is possible