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●Extend the tip life

Tip Polisher HAKKO FT-700: If only we could extend 
the tip life... HAKKO has reflected the local input!
One of the problem about lead-free soldering is that it decreases the tip life. The FT-700 is the product of HAKKO, a soldering peripheral equipment, reflecting the local input carefully. The FT-700 extends the tip life and improves the efficiency of the lead-free soldering.
Most Suitable Maintenance Kit for Oxidized Soldering Iron Tips
Soldering iron tips oxidized by lead-free solder and high temperature solder can be maintained in perfect condition with brushes and the chemical paste FS-100.

* Oxidization and erosion are the two factors that decrease the tip life when using lead-free solder. The FT-700 has been developed to relieve the oxidization of the soldering iron tips.

· FT-700 removes oxides without damaging the tips.
· FT-700 does not contain diammonium phosphate.
· Electric power consumption is 3W, which saves energy.
Why do tips easily oxidize when they are used with lead-free solder?

A simple procedure that's easy to learn.
Effect of cleaning of HAKKO FT-700
Tip polisher HAKKO FT-700 makes solder wet on the tip surface again.
Procedure 1
1 Place the tip of the soldering iron onto the spinning brush of the tip polisher for several seconds to remove oxides.
· Approximately 350°C is the most suitable temperature for cleaning the tips.
· The tips can oxidize easily as its temperature increases. Keep the temperature as low as possible when cleaning.

Procedure 2
2 Re-solder plating using chemical paste FS-100
* There is another way to solder plating is that apply the using soldering wire to the tip.
· The chemical paste FS-100 is made of micronized pure Sn particles that have active forces stronger than that of wire solder. Micronized pure Sn particles melt instantly and are suitable for re-solder plating. Dip the tip into the chemical paste for 2-3 seconds. (Use a temperature setting of around 300oC.)

Procedure 3
3 Wipe the FS-100 remaining cleanly off the tip before start soldering work.
1. Clean the tip with HAKKO FT-700, a cleaning wire or cleaning sponge.
2. Apply wire solder to the soldering iron tip.
Follow the above mentioned two procedures twice or more. Check that no FS-100 components remain on the tip's surface. Flux from using FS-100 could corrode the printed circuit board.
Remove the chemical paste using a cleaning sponge or cleaning wire.

Procedure 4 4 Apply and melt wire solder on the tip before start soldering work.
  Soldering with the tip surface wet by solder again.

Use the brush to remove tough oxide.
How to remove tough oxide 1 How to remove tough oxide 2 Use the accessory brush to remove tough oxides. The procedure is as follows:First, remove the oxide using the brush.
Second, clean the tip using the tip polisher.
How to remove tough oxide 1 POINT
· Rubbing the tip too hard with the brush could damage the surface of the tip. Do not use the brush constantly, but only for tough oxides.
· The brush has to point downward when placed in the tip polisher so that it will not injure your fingers and hand. Putting brush in the unit