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Product Feature

プリヒーター HAKKO FR-830

●Do you suffer from a lack of power when handling multilayer boards and lead-free solder?

In addition to the utilization of multilayer boards for higher speed and higher integration of IC chip, the whole industry is shifting to lead-free solder with a high melting point for environmental reasons. However, against this background, many worksites suffer from a lack of power in devices such as soldering irons, hot-air rework system, etc.

But, if, the temperature setting for the soldering iron or hot-air rework system is increased due to this lack of power, there is a concern that the P.W.B. may be warped or that components with low heat resistance will be affected.

Then, what actions should be taken?

For example, you may want to desolder a component on the P.W.B. with hot air but cannot do so due to insufficient power. In this case, you can perform the operations smoothly by using the preheating method to preheat the P.W.B. by applying hot air to the underside of the P.W.B.

However, most previous preheating machines (also called “preheaters” or “bottom heaters”) are large and often preheated unnecessary areas as well, so they are not suitable for a cell-type production site.

Pre-heater (Bottom Heater) HAKKO FR-830
For these situations, the HAKKO FR-830 was developed.


 HAKKO FR-830 is a preheater capable of local heating, providing preheating performance designed in response to customer demands to apply heat only to necessary areas and to reduce preheater size.

Ball Local heating minimizes the various influences due to heat.
Ball Compact size suitable for cell-type production sites
Ball Enables a repair system to be setup easily at lower cost.

* If you want to preheat the entire P.W.B., we recommend the use of our preheating oven (HAKKO 887B).

Functions and features HAKKO FR-830 Previous product
(HAKKO 853)
Temp. setting range 150°C 120°C~250°C
Improved pre-heating effect Ο Δ
Temp. temperature offset function Provided Not provided
Cool-down function Automatic cooling Manual cooling
Error indications Provided Not provided
Size 140(W)×75(H)×185(D)
Optional accessories Extension pipe,
External switch, etc.
Not provided
* The depth (D) dimension does not include the size of the temperature adjustment knob.