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Saves measurement data automatically
Meets the requirement of JIS T 8103 : 2010
Personal informaiton can be registered in ID

Footwear Tester HAKKO FG-465

For the daily maintenance of soldering station.

soldering tester FG-101B

Comfortable ESD protective mat for standing work
Compliant to EU RoHS directives (10 restricted substances)

ESD protective mat HAKKO FE-302

All-in-one soldering robot system into which the solder feed controller and the programming software are incorporated. All operations such as soldering conditions including solder feed amount and heating time can be controlled collectively by the tablet PC provided as standard equipment.

Soldering robot system HAKKO HU-200

FT-802 can strip the insulation of AWG 38 wire with no nick.

Thermal wire stripper HAKKO FT-802

N2 soldering iron designed exclusively for HAKKO FN-1010
Solderability is increased by the effect of heated N2 gas

N2 soldering iron HAKKO FN-1102

Enables human error-free temperature control and traceability of manual soldering process

IoT capable soldering station HAKKO FN-1010
Thermometer HAKKO FG-100B

Quick and secure test on the function of wrist strap as being worn

Tester for wrist strap HAKKO FG-470

- Best suited for electronic parts
- High quality for professional-use
- Excellent sharpness and durability due to our unique heat-treatment

Cutting pliers and pliers HAKKO HAND TOOLS

- Precision tweezers for electronic parts
- Non-magnetic stainless-steel tweezers

Precision tweezers HAKKO HAND TOOLS

A wide range of nozzles and shapes for any desoldering
- Use of high thermal efficiency N61 series nozzles
- A wide range of nozzles and shapes for secure desoldering
- Equipped with high-precision temperature control function
- Easy temperature control
- Reduction of solder clogging by improved heating core
- Easy filter maintenace
- Quick Change Nozzle System provides speed and safety
- Includes simple iron holder
- Power switch on grip
- Includes carrying case

Portable desoldering tool HAKKO FR-301

For 373: http://www.hakko.com/english/products/hakko_373.html#For_FX-8002
For 374: http://www.hakko.com/english/products/hakko_374.html#For_FX-8002

HAKKO 374 Guide Pipe Assembly for FX-801 (handpiece FX-8002)

For 373: http://www.hakko.com/english/products/hakko_373.html#For_FX-8002
For 374: http://www.hakko.com/english/products/hakko_374.html#For_FX-8002

HAKKO 373 Guide Pipe Assembly for FX-801 (handpiece FX-8002)

- Especially suited for soldering microchips and other chips with narrow pin pitches under a microscope
- Temperature series: 350ºC and 400ºC
- Compatible with HAKKO FX-100, IH soldering station

Micro soldering iron for induction heating system HAKKO FX-1002

- Stepless control on temperature and airflow for optimal settings
- High performance and long life heating element
- Easy replacement of heating element
- Safety design for fall-prevention during hands-free operation
- A carrying case as standard

Heating gun HAKKO FV-310

Heated N2 gas contributes to ‘improvement of solderbilityʼ, ‘prevention of tip oxidationʼ, and ‘preheating effect’ during micro soldering.

Optional parts make it compatible with N2 system.

Powerful Rework Station
Has FR-4101, 140W high power desoldering gun, and FX-8801, soldering iron, as standard. Other applications such as different size of soldering iron and tweezers are also applicable.

Rework Station HAKKO FR-701

Powerful Rework Station with 670W hot air
It handles various soldering, desoldering and reworking by choosing proper handpieces from a selection of 7 types.

Rework Station HAKKO FR-702

Further evolution of SMD rework station
The vacuum pick-up function with an indicator ensures safety for the components and PWB's.

Hot Air Rework Station HAKKO FR-810B

High SPEC model for SMD rework station
Possible to make full-scale thermal profiles with 6-zone hot air and a bottom heater.

Hot Air Rework Station HAKKO FR-811

Employing excellent cost performance filter!

- The life of new filters will be approx. 4 times longer compared to HAKKO FA-430
- With the use of sub-filter, the life of pre-filter and main filter will be approx. 10 times longer!
- Switch ON/OFF of the unit with a remote control

Smoke Absorber HAKKO FA-431

- Individual measurement
- Evaluation external output
- Simple, yet user-friendly

Footwear tester HAKKO FG-460

- All the user-friendly functions are succeeded from FX-888D.
- Two applications can be active at the same time.
- Applicable to all the options, N2 soldering iron, Soldering gun, SMD Hot Tweezers, and Large type soldering iron.

2-port all-round soldering station HAKKO FX-889

140 W high power enables perfect desoldering on multi-layer PWB.
New type nozzle can fit onto micro land patterns and narrow space.

High power desoldering tool HAKKO FR-410

User Notes


Operation at HAKKO Corporation, we have implemented "Work from Home" as a step to prevent spread of infection of COVID-19, and because of so, phone support service is temporarily not available. However, e-mail support service will be available as ever.

COVID-19 statement
HAKKO FG-101 has been discontinued.
HAKKO 431 has been discontinued.

Attention: Counterfeit products

Thank you for using HAKKO products.

We have confirmed that some counterfeit products are widely-distributed in the market.
Although these counterfeit products are not manufactured by HAKKO, they are illegally marked with our trademark and logo.
And, it is reported from both domestically and internationally, frequently sold through internet.

These counterfeit products mostly do not meet certain quality standard we defined.
For your safety and your quality control, we recommend not to use the counterfeit products, and use HAKKO genuine products/parts which comply with safety standard and quality criteria.

HAKKO is not responsible for any incident and failure caused by counterfeit products. Please pay special attention when purchasing through internet.

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope to keep serving you continuously with our products.

Attention: Counterfeit products

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HAKKO FT-801 has been discontinued.
HAKKO FR-410(Desoldering tool:FR-4101) has been discontinued.
HAKKO FG-100 has been discontinued
HAKKO 498 has been discontinued.
HAKKO 958/959 has been discontinued.
HAKKO 953 has been discontinued.
HAKKO 950 has been discontinued.
HAKKO FV-100 has been discontinued.

The evaluation level accuracy of the product is incorrect. We apologize for this error. The correction is as follows.

- Incorrect: 1MΩ≦R≦100MΩ
- Correct: 0.1MΩ≦R≦100MΩ

Error Notice: Specification of Footwear Tester HAKKO FG-460

Refractory ceramic fiber <RCF> was designated as a controlled substance by Japanese Government in November 2015 due to amendment of the related laws and regulations.

-HAKKO ceramic paper filters
Our supplying ceramic paper filters are out of the regulations since they are made from binding processed <RCF> which does not generate particles. So, there is no problem to sell or use our providing ceramic paper filters.

However, the material manufacturers have discontinued their production as they were required special treatment and control to process and assemble <RCF>. We, therefore, have decided to switch to new ceramic paper filters which are made from 'BIO Filter' (biosoluble filter) and supply them as the replacements. They have the same performance as the previous ones in terms of life and absorption performance.

-Changes of part numbers and prices
Please see the table below for the changes of the part numbers.
The existing parts will be replaced by the new ones as soon as the current stock runs out.

Change notice for ceramic paper filters and related parts
Iron holder No.606/609 has been discontinued

The static eliminator generates high voltage inside the unit.
When using the present/discontinued product, please do maintenance such as cleaning inside. If the maintenance has not been done enough, the insulation would be reduced, which might cause a dangerous situation such as smoke, fire and so on.

To the customers who are using the static eliminator