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Why is the measured tip temperature lower than the set temperature?
こて先温度計 HAKKO FG-100B こて先温度計 HAKKO FG-100 はんだごてテスター HAKKO FG-101 こて先温度計 HAKKO FG-102

As factors causing the tip temperature to become lower than the set temperature, the following 5 items should be considered.
Check 1 Are the tip, element cover, nut, etc. oxidized?
Check 2 Is the tip shape changed?
Check 3 Has the sensor of the thermometer deteriorated? (In the case of HAKKO-manufactured contact-type measuring instruments)
Check 4 Are the batteries low on power?
Check 5 Is the correct measurement method suitable for the measuring instrument being performed?

If the failure phenomenon is not covered by any of the above five factors, send it to the shop for repair that the unit was purchased.