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Green Project

Green Project - HAKKO's initiatives in environmental issues

In addition to obtaining compliance to the RoHS directive, HAKKO launched in-house Green Project in April 2005 to work toward development of environmentally-friendly products. As a specialist in soldering equipment, HAKKO took an early lead in meeting the latest needs with a wide range of products compatible with lead-free solder. This includes new products with blue and yellow design as well as multi-purpose soldering irons and desoldering tools. Count on HAKKO for future advancements

Blue meets yellow to form the color green.Green is the color the electronics manufacturing industry has embraced as the universal color to denote Lead-Free electronics manufacturing. Green also represents growth. So as HAKKO's new blue and yellow products expand around the world, so shall the green leaf, growing and creating new, green pastures of opportunity and expansion.

Green Project Event!!

HAKKO continues to support and strengthen the bond with those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.