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HAKKO SMD-BGA Repair System

HAKKO SMD-BGA Repair Systemイメージ

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • EU
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries
  • RoHS
  • Simply-configured, low-cost SMD-BGA repair system
  • Rework fixture of compact size that ensures smooth vertical motion
  • Omni-device with a height adjusting knob that allows to raise/lower the bottom rubber pad in the opening
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Rework Fixture Omnivise Nozzle Tray
Rework Fixture Omnivise Nozzle Tray
Compact and stable.
Smooth vertical motion.
Accommodates boards up to 400mm deep.
The handpiece may be easily installed or removed from the clamp.
Easy to position.
Height adjustment from 72.5mm, 78.0mm, 84.5mm, 91.0mm, 97.5mm increments.
The jaws are padded to preclude damage to delicate objects. The full 360º is available with no interference.
ESD safe by design.
To hold nozzles.
To aid in installing and removing nozzles.

Rework Fixture

Part No. C1392B
Weight 4.6kg


Part No. C1390C
Outer Dimensions Ø57 x 88mm
Weight 1.2kg

Nozzle Tray

Part No. C1391B
Outer Dimensions 305(W) x 64(H) x 140(D)mm
Weight 0.87kg