Soldering iron/Station type


HAKKO FM-2032むパージ

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • EU
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries
  • FM-2032 works with your Hakko high end stations FX-951, FM-203 or FM-206.
  • Fine tip and slim heater ensure your sophisticated soldering for precise components on high density PWB under microscope.
  • N2 Soldering is possible with option parts.
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Replacement Parts

  Part No. Name Specifications
photo:FM2032-52 FM2032-52 HAKKO FM-2032 conversion kit
photo:FM2032-51 FM2032-51 Soldering iron FM-2032
photo:B5001 B5001 Handle mark (qty 2)
photo:FH200-81 FH200-81 Iron holder <w/ cleaning sponge> with power-save function
photo:B5000 B5000 Iron receptacle with retaining clip & screw
photo:B2791 B2791 Retaining clip
photo:A1519 A1519 Cleaning sponge yellow
photo:A1536 A1536 Cleaning sponge
* Discontinued. The replacement is "A1519".
photo:B3253 B3253 Connecting cable
photo:B2300 B2300 Heat resistant pad
If you have an iron holder that you use with the FM-2028, FM-2027 or FM-2026, it can be used for FM-2032 by simply replacing the Iron receptacle to No.B5000 which contains a retaining clip and screw. (Refer to the list above)

Iron receptacle for FM-2032
No. B5000
Iron receptacle for FM-2032


  Part No. Name Specifications
photo:C5038 C5038 Nozzle assembly A for Shape-0.6D, 1D, I or KU of T30 series
photo:C5039 C5039 Nozzle assembly B for Shape-KN of T30 series
photo:C5040 C5040 Nozzle assembly C for Shape-J of T30 series
photo:C5041 C5041 Nozzle assembly D for all soldering tips of T30 series
photo:B5178 B5178 Hose assembly with cord holderb (qty 5)
photo:599B 599B HAKKO 599B tip cleaner