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HAKKO FM-2029イメージ

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • EU
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries
  • RoHS
  • Single-nozzle hot air handpiece designed exclusively for HAKKO FM-206
  • Slim grip is ideal for work in narrow spaces
  • Hand switch enables easy ON/OFF operation
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Work with FM-206, which has a large LCD panel.
Hot air handpiece for use with FM-206, a compact multi-rework station that enables simultaneous use of three handpieces.

Securely and easily remove 10 x 10 (mm) chips.
  Securely and easily remove 10 x 10 (mm) chips.

Control the air with a hand switch.
  Control the air with a hand switch.

Connectable to a handpiece holder to control the air.
Connect HAKKO FM-206 and the handpiece holder with a relay cord to turn off the air automatically when the handpiece is placed in the handpiece holder.
* Turn on the air again by operating the hand switch. The air does not turn on automatically when the handpiece is picked from the handpiece holder.

Example of connection of FM-206 and FM-2029 handpiece holder

Use external air to enable N2 functions.
* Requires a flow meter and nitrogen gas generator.

The nozzle is a built-in heater composite-type unit.
The composite-type nozzle provides excellent thermal recovery and easy one-touch nozzle replacement. Heater replacement, which used to be difficult with the hot air-type, is no longer required.

Nozzle replacement 1

Nozzle replacement 2

Choose from four optional nozzles for different size work.

Replacement nozzles