Static Control/Anti-Static Mat


HAKKO 499イメージ

Available in:

  • Japan
  • Antistatic mats selectable for floor/table
  • Appropriate hardness to prevent depression
  • Highly wear-resistant and low-dust
  • Phthalic acid free
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Anti-Static mat for floor

Appropriate hardness to prevent depressions

Excellent durability against wear-out

Phthalic acid free

Anti-Static mat for table

Appropriate hardness to prevent depressions

Low ionic residue

Phthalic acid free

Setting sample with grounding cord, snap and antistatic wrist strap


  The engineering documents instruct how to fix the ESD protective mat to the floor or workbench and how to maintain it. Please download them from the HAKKO Document Portal or request them using the inquiry form.
You can browse and download "Instruction Manuals" and "SDS" freely.
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