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Maintenance of desoldering tool
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Cleaning pin

Cleaning pins for nozzle, heating core or heating element are available. Use the proper cleaning pin for the designated application.
1. Nozzle cleaning pin
Be sure to use a cleaning pin suitable for the nozzle inside diameter.

Nozzle cleaning pin Which nozzle cleaning pin is suitable for the nozzle can be identified by the color of the belt.
From the left in the photo:
White: For 0.8mm nozzle Part #: B1086
Yellow: For 1.0mm nozzle Part #: B1087
Orange: For 1.3mm nozzle Part #: B1088
Red: For 1.6mm nozzle Part #: B1089

2. Cleaning pin for heating core or heating element
Use cleaning pins for heating core for HAKKO 484 and cleaning pins for heating element for HAKKO 808 and HAKKO 809 and for HAKKO 809 (handpiece for HAKKO 474 and HAKKO 475).
Cleaning pin for heating core or heating element