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Why can I not blow hot air even when pressing the button?

There are two major possible causes of the followings.

1. Incomplete Plug Insertion

The cord assembly of HAKKO FM-2029 is connected to the connector of channel 3 of HAKKO FM-206 station, and the display panel shows "READY", but hot air does not blow even when pressing "Hot Air Button". In this case, the plug of connecting cable may not be completely inserted into the jacks on the back side of FM-206 station and/or Handpiece Holder.
Push the plugs of connecting cable until they stop.



2. Hot Air Button Problem

Hot Air Button Problem

Both ends of the connecting cable are securely inserted to the jacks on the back side of HAKKO FM-206 Station and Handpiece Holder, but hot air still does not blow even Hot Air Button is pressed. In this case, send the HAKKO FM-2029 to your HAKKO distributor for repair.