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What is the advantage of a solder return mechamism?
If the solder remains close to the soldering tip after soldering is performed, it is melted by heat. The melted solder forms a ball at the solder tip, resulting in the feed of excess solder or the evaporation of flux at the solder tip. To prevent these problems, a mechanism to return the solder is incorporated.
It enables the users to smoothly perform soldering without such problems. Insert a flat-blade precision screwdriver into the "adjusting hole" on the flank of main unit to adjust the amount of solder to be returned.

The amount of solder to be returned can be adjusted in the range of 0 to 5mm. However, keep the amount to be returned smaller than that to be fed. If the amount to be returned is larger than that to be fed, the solder wire will be rewound.